"HELLO PANTIN" - Nov 2013
Organized and coordinated a visit for 200 members of staff of the BETC Advertising Agency to the site (before renovations) of their future headquarters in the iconic building "Les Magasins Généraux" located in Pantin, a north-eastern suburb of Paris.
- Supervized the implementation of safety measures to secure the site (safety barriers + installation of temporary lighting  + mobile toilets etc)
- Set-up and coordinated visits by groups of 10 people every 20 mintues throughout the day
- Organized refreshments
- Coordinated with all players involved (Agency + Developer + Local Authorities)


Research to identify a company to install timelapse cameras on the construction site for the entire duration of the renovations.
Organized the logistics of a visit for 291 members of the staff of the BETC Advertising Agency (by groups of 15-20 people every 20 minutes from 9am until 7pm) to their future headquartes in Pantin. The objective of the visit was to allow members of staff to see their new offices before officially moving in 3 weeks later. This visit was a follow-up to a similair visit organized two and a half years previously in November 2103 before renovations commenced on the building.
WELCOME BETC - July 18th 2016
Participated in the organization of a Welcome Reception for 800 members of staff (400 in the morning & 400 in the afternoon) on their first day in their new headquaters
BBQ GENERAL - July 21st 2016
Organized the logistics of a giant barbeque for 600 members of BETC staff along the banks of the Canal d'Ourcq


INTERCOM EVENT - Paris - May 2016
Provided last minute production assistance with rental of additional A/V & Lighting equipment and organization of cocktail catering for 180 participants.
SEMINAR/CLUB 55 - BETC - June 2015
Organized a seminar for 60 members of senior management of the BETC Advertising Agency at the Galerie Ropac in Pantin, followed by a visit to the construction site of the agency’s future headquarters in Pantin
- Scouting, presenting and selecting venues, suppliers and caterers
- Organization of logistics and budgeting


Freelance Fixer/Production Manager - Paris - France


N° de Siret: 447 861 436 00015 - N° de TVA: FR72 447 861 436