COVID UPDATE - 19th March 2021

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Filming in Paris is still possible, however, some restrictions apply as follows:

-  From Saturday March 20th, a new lock-down has been put in place in the Greater Paris region for an initial period of 4 weeks.

- All non-essential shops are closed as well as cafés, restaurants etc

- Curfew in place throughout the whole of France 7/7days from 7pm until 6am the following morning. 

- All facilities and businesses must close by 7pm, so we must work within these parameters

- Fines of 135€ imposed for non-respect of the curfew

- From Sunday January 24th, visitors entering France from the European Union must present a negative PCR Test valid within 72hrs of travelling.

- From Sunday January 31st, travel in and out of France from countries outside the European Union suspended for the present time.


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Within the current context, setting-up remote shoots with local crew may be a preferred option.

- Possibility of direct camera feed via Zoom

- Possibility of speaking directly to Contributors/person being interviewed via PHONAK ear-kit

- Possibility of returning footage on Hard Drive via FEDEX or upload to client/cloud server


Within the current context, individual locations may impose a limit on crew size, and any other restrictions they see fit.

Street Permit For a Crew of Less than 10 people :

  • A Preliminary Declaration must be registered with City Hall for all shooting on the street

  • Street Permits are granted for shooting on the street or on top of bridges only (Parks, gardens, canals, quays of the Seine etc are not covered by a Street Permit)

Conditions pertaining to Street Permits:

  • The permit is granted for a specific street for a specific date and time frame

  • The declaration must include a clear description of the scenes to be shot on each street location

  • Equipment on the ground is limited to 1 tripod and 1 light stand.

  • Pedestrians have priority at all time and the production must allow a passage of 1.8m for passers by

  • The Preliminary Declaration must be accompanied by a statement on Production Company letterhead stating that the company agrees to comply with all health & safety regulations in place

In the current context, Police Controls are frequent & numerous.


  • Masks are mandatory in all public spaces (exteriors & interiors)

  • The Production must provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all crew member including:

    • Masks : Disposable masks are preferred & masks should be changed every 4hrs-5hrs

    • Sanitizing Gel : to enable the cleaning of hands on a regular basis

    • Gloves : Wearing gloves is not recommended as they give a false sense of protection. Gloves themselves become vectors of transmission, the risk of touching one’s face is the same with or without gloves, the risk of contamination is therefore equivalent or even greater

  • Temperature Monitoring can only take place on a voluntary basis and cannot be recorded

  • COVID Questionnaires can only be filled out on a voluntary basis, as only qualified Health & Safety Personnel can collect health-related information in France

  • Testing cannot be imposed and can only be requested on a voluntary basis.

  • Transport: Crew are allowed to travel in the same vehicle on condition that everyone wears a mask and the sanitizing of hands when getting in and out of the vehicle should be imposed.

  • Each vehicle should be equipped with a bottle of hand-sanitizing gel and disinfecting wipes to allow for the regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

  • Social distancing of at least 1m should be practised whenever possible

(Detailed COVID Guideline available to clients upon request)


Freelance Fixer/Production Manager - Paris - France


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