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At the beginning of July, I visited a Leisure Base located 30 minutes to the west of Paris. It boasts several types of natural décors including wooded areas, open spaces, fields, lakes, marshland as well as a 5,000m2 sandy beach together with a network of roads that can be used for car commercials for example. On site, there is also an empty wooden chalet and an abandoned house that can be used for filming. The site also features several sporting activities such as rafting, jet skiing, surfing and boating.

Other facilities include: 6 parking lots, cafeteria, canteen, restaurant, office space and reception rooms.

It is film friendly with reasonable location fees and minimal administration. Accessible 7 days a week.

Some examples of French productions that have shot there are:

  • "Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles" – Jean-Pierre Jeunet (a battle field scene)

  • Peugeot (Photo Shoot)

  • Toyota (TV commercial)

  • "Les Revenants" (French TV series)


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