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What I do

I provide Full Production & Field Producer services in Paris for small and medium sized productions through my company Oui Can Doo Technical Services, for Branded Content, TV, Corporate & Advertising Shoots

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TV Shoots

  • Branded Content

  • Factual TV & Documentary

  • Corporate Films

  • Advertising

Photo Shoots

  • Print Advertising


Quays of the Seine

Please note that the Quays of the Seine (river level) are subject to a permit from the Port Authorities.

The Port Authorities request a lead time of at least 3 weeks to process a permit application.

Each stretch of the quays between 2 bridges is considered to be a different port and therefore subject to separate Location Fees.

For example; if you want to film on Quai du Louvre & Quai de la Tournelle, it will be considered as 2 separate locations and 2 locations fees will apply


Services Include:

  • Setting-up production budgets

  • Sourcing and scouting locations

  • Obtaining shooting permits

  • Camera & equipment rental

  • Co-ordinating casting with local casting agency

  • Hiring crew (hair & makeup, stylists, technicians, photographers etc)

  • Reserving hotels, ground transfers and organizing daily logistics and transport of crew during filming

  • Drawing-up Shooting Schedules & Call Sheets

  • Managing Release Forms

  • Budget follow-up and analysis (Purchase Orders, invoices and expenses)

  • On-site location management during shoot

Payment Terms

  • Production Advance: An advance covering production expenses (equipment rental, vehicle rental, props rental, catering etc.) & 50% of Fees to be paid up front before shoot start date

  • Balance: Upon Reconciliation after the shoot


Parks & Gardens

Parks & Gardens are subject to a permit from either City Hall or the appropriate authority.


Locations Fees are based on the type of project (Documentary, TV movies, Advertising, Feature Film etc).


A lead time of at least 10 business days is required to process a permit application.


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Locations & Permits

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  • Due to the paperwork involved, please allow a minimum lead time of 2-3 weeks to secure a location in Paris.

  • All locations will require the payment of a location fee and the amount is usually based on the type of production (documentary, TVC, feature film, corporate film etc...).

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Street Permits

Please note that there is no such thing as a general street permit covering all streets in Paris - the permit application must list the names of the streets you wish to film on and indicate the times you plan to be there.

Street Permits do not cover Municipal Parks & Gardens, Markets, Canals, the Quays of the Seine or National Domaines such as the grounds of the Louvre and the Palais Royal - all of the above are subject to specific permits from the appropriate authorities. 

For a crew of 10 people or less with light equipment and a shoot taking place between 7am and 10pm at night:

  • please allow 5 business days for the permit application to be processed.

For a crew of more than 10 people

  • please allow a minimum of 10 business days to process permit application.

Applications must include:

  • a synopsis of the project

  • a list of precise locations and times you plan to be there

  • a detailed list of equipment

  • a list of crew members

  • All requests for a permit will require proof of public liability insurance for the duration of the shoot


Freelance Fixer/Production Manager - Paris - France


N° de Siret: 447 861 436 00015 - N° de TVA: FR72 447 861 436