Liquid Works, Spain - 2019


Fixer & Production Services for a 10-day shoot for 6 branded content films - Crew: 7

Services Provided:

  • Location Scouting & Permitting for almost 30 different locations (interiors & exteriors) over a 10-day period including: museums, historical library, print workshop, book binder & private collector, antiques market, photo studio & film studio, professional kitchen, event location, wasteland, parking lot with a cityscape view, streets, parks & gardens & quays of the Seine

  • Transport & Logistics: Minibus rental & driver

  • Setting-up Shooting Schedule

  • Facilitating communication with local talent & interview support in French

  • On-site production management during shoot

TVC Content Agency

London, U.K. - 2019


Production Services for a 3-day Branded Content shoot for The Economist/Partner website

Services Provided:

  • Crew (Camera assistant, Sound Recordist, Production Assistant-Driver),

  • Equipment Rental

  • Crew transport and logistics,

  • Location Sourcing & Scouting (Café & Exteriors corresponding to brief) & permitting

  • On-site production management during shoot


Beyond Studio, U.K.- 2018

Promotional Film commissioned by the London & Paris Tourist Boards encouraging U.S. millennials to visit London & Paris.

Production Services for a 2 day shoot in various locations throughout Paris – Crew: 25 + 20 Extras

Services Provided:

  • Location scouting

  • Local Crew (Sound Engineer & Drivers),

  • Transport & logistics

  • Casting of Extras & Props sourcing

  • On-site Production Management during shoot


Like A Shot Entertainment , U.K. - 2018

Series for Discovery Science documenting the history behind some of the world's most extraordinary abandoned structures, sites & machines.

Fixer for 2 separate shoots - one in Paris and one in the Loiret region.

Services Provided:

  • Shoot 1:Subject sourcing, researching & identifying contributors

  • Shoot 2: Shooting Permit (The Catacombs) Street Permit, Driver, Transport & Logistics 


London Digital Content, U.K. - 2018

Series of interviews with young French entrepreneurs commissioned by a major social media network and aimed at providing a suite of on-line lessons on using social media to develop start-up businesses

Full Production Services for 2 separate shoots in studio in Paris (3 days & 1 day) – Crew: 26

Services Provided:

  • Sourcing sound-proofed studio

  • Hiring Crew (Gaffer, Sound Operator, Teleprompter Operator, HMU, Drivers/PA),

  • Equipment rental

  • Vehicle rental & Transport of Crew 

  • Props souring,

  • Catering

  • On-site Production Management during shoot


Newfangled Studios, U.S.A. - 2017

Promotional video for the StudentUniverse website


Fixer for a 2.5 day shoot in Paris  - Crew: 6

Services Provided:

  • Location Sourcing, Scouting & Permitting (Le Playground Duperré & Le Playground Bir Hakheim, Stairs Montmartre, Le Pyramide du Louvre, Shopping, Indoor Boules, La Défense, Le Moulin Rouge) 

  • Vehicle Rental & Driver

  • On-site assistance on shoot days

Kayak Europe, Germany - 2017

Street interview project in various European capitals asking people to showcase their personal travel stories on-camera in the hopes of bringing Europeans closer together

Production Services for a 3 day shoot in Paris - Crew: 8

Services Provided:

  • Crew (Camera Assistant & Sound Operator, Driver)

  • Transport, Accommodation

  • Location Sourcing & Permitting

  • Street Wrangling

IF WE BUILT IT TODAY: Resurrecting Notre Dame

Discovery Science, USA

Arcadia Content, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - 2019


Researcher & Fixer Services for a documentary project on the Rebuliding of Nore Dame

Services Provided:

  • Identifying and contacting potential interview subjects (architects, journalists, historians, government officials, historical monuments curator…)

  • Location scouting & permitting (exteriors, parks & gardens)

MMPRO Film-und Medienproduktion 

Berlin, Germany - 2019

Production Services for a quick turn-around Testimonial Shoot for Corporate Client

Services Provided: 

  • Crew (DP & camera assistant) & equipment

  • Crew transport & logistics,

  • Field Producer/interviewer


Greenroom Films, Scotland - 2018

Promotional Film for a Premium Brand of Scottish Whisky

Full Production Services for a 1 day shoot at the Shangri-la Hotel, Paris – Crew: 20

Services Provided:

  • Local Crew hire (Steadicamer, Camera assistants, Gaffer, Electrician, Stylist & HMU),

  • Equipment rental (camera & lighting),

  • Transport & logistics

  • On-site Production Management during shoot


Yap Films, Canada - 2018

Feature length WWII documentary

Researcher charged with locating witnesses to be interviewed within the context of the project


Spectrecom Films, U.K. - 2018

Web series commissioned by BBC Learning to develop its French provision for GCSE and national and higher level students.

Fixer for a 9 day shoot across several locations both indoor & outdoor in Paris

Services Provided:

  • Location sourcing, scouting and permitting (Café, Restaurant, Chocolate shop, Supermarket, Outdoor Food Market, Swimming Pool, Public Parks )

  • Street Permits for iconic Paris locations

  • Casting & street wrangling

  • On-site assistance during 9 day shoot.



Saloon Media Canada. - 2017

Documentary series presented by Robert Edsel, author of the book "The Monuments Men" chronicling Nazi looting of art, gold, and other cultural objects from Europe during WWII.

Fixer for 2 separate shoots for the Paris episode dealing with various aspects of Nazi plundering in Paris during WWII - 4 day shoot - Crew: 8

Services Provided:

  • Location Scouting & Permitting (Trocadéro, Bouillon Racine Restaurant, 21 rue la Boétie, Lévitan, Le Ministère de l’ntérieur, Studio Sala, La Gare Restaurant, Le Mémorial de la Shoah, Le Jeu de Paume, La Réserve)

  • Liaison with local specialists in relation to their participation in the program

  • Tansport & Driver

  • Translation


Atomic Advertising, Dublin, Ireland - 2017


Corporate Film for Enterprise Ireland promoting Irish businesses as great companies to partner with


Production Services for a 1 day shoot – Crew: 7

Services Provided:

  • Location sourcing, scouting and permitting

  • Casting

  • Crew (DP, Camera Assistant, Driver)

  • Equipment Hire 

  • Logistics 

  • On-site assistance during shoot


TVT Creative Media, Germany - 2019


Documentary project on the Bugatti family and specifically on the reconstruction of an exact replica of the Bugatti Royale Weymann automobile from the 1930’s.


Fixer for a 1- day shoot – Crew: 6

Services Provided:

  • Identification of a location from a photo taken in 1932 and obtaining permission to film the replica car in the exact same spot in 2019

  • Ventousage of parking spaces in front of location


SO Television, U.K. - 2019


Iconic British dating show where a couple win a romantic first date in Paris

Production Services for a 3 day shoot in various locations throughout Paris – Crew: 5 - Talent : 2

Services Provided:

  • Location Scouting (location for Master Interviews)

  • Crew transport & logistics, 

  • Permits and on-site production assistance during shoot

ICONS - Documentary Series


 BBC Documentary series

Fixer on a 2 day shoot in Paris and Ile-de-France

Services Provided:

  • 2 x Drivers, Vehicle rental, transport & logistics 

  • Props sourcing

  • On-site Production Management during shoot


Like a Shot Entertainment, U.K.- 2018

TV series looking behind the well-known stories of famous faces to find out who the real people were behind the grand titles.

Fixer/Production Manager for a 3 day shoot in Paris and Ile de France – Crew: 8

Services Provided:

  • Location sourcing, scouting & permitting (Le Château de Malmaison, Château de Fontainebleau, Les Invalides, Le Grand Vefour).

  • Sourcing Contributors (Private Collector, Local historians and experts)

  • Street permits,=

  • Vehicle rental & driver.

  • Setting-up shooting schedule and managing logistics

  • On-site Production Management during shoot


Resolution Productions, Vermont, USA - 2017


Documentary project on the American Constitution


Fixer for  a 2 day shoot in Paris - Crew : 4

Services Provided

  • Location sourcing and scouting (La Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée Nationale, Le Musée National des Archives, Café, 3 Antiquarian Book stores)

  • Props sourcing

  • Logistics


Brave Bison, U.K.- 2017

In late 2017 Courtyard Marriott asked the question - what is the meaning of football? A German comedian stepped forward to answer it. And so began the story of one man’s quest to find the meaning of football all over Europe.

Fixer for a 2 day shoot in Paris

Services Provided:

  • Vehicle rental, airport transfers, drivers, logistics and on-site production assistance


Mighty Media, U.S.A. - 2017

Corporate film on the development of AI applications using the Microsoft Cortana skills set.

Production Services for a 1 day shoot in Chartres: Crew: 9

Services Provided:

  • Crew (Driver, Sound Operator & HMU)

  • Equipment Hire

  • Transport & Accommodation

  • On-site assistance during shoot


Freelance Fixer/Production Manager - Paris - France


N° de Siret: 447 861 436 00015 - N° de TVA: FR72 447 861 436